Where Can You Apply For An EHIC Or Replace Your E111

A European Health Insurance Card is a must have each time you’re traveling around Europe. It helps you access medical care in the country you’re visiting in case the need to comes up. The old E111 cards are no longer valid when traveling abroad; people are being advised to renew theirs to have them upgraded to EHIC. Basically, the European Health Insurance Card aims to cushion member citizens when they have traveled within the EU, and require immediate medical attention. Think of an expectant British lady traveling to Spain, Netherlands, Iceland, Estonia, Sweden, you name it. If such a lady were to experience any complications while there, this card will help them access quality health care in these countries. Some countries allow you to get treated absolutely free, while others offer subsidized fees.

Why European Health Insurance Card is essential to have when travelling in Europe?

How to apply for the EHIC or replace your E111;

  • First and foremost, it is worth noting that this card is offered freely to all citizens of the EU and Switzerland. This means that as long as you’re a legal resident of any of the EU bloc, you’re eligible to apply for a European health insurance card.
  • Usually, most people tend to apply for these cards from their governments. Here in the UK, you can apply for your EHIC or renew your E111 online via the government website. The process is free, and doesn’t take long.
  • However, there are times one may be faced with bureaucracies, or other hurdles that slow down the application process or make it entirely impossible. In such instances, there are agencies and other third parties that step in to assist. For a small fee, the agents will help you renew your E111 and have it upgraded to the level of a European Health Insurance Card.
  • These agents are also useful in instances when you’ve traveled within the EU and your EHIC has been stolen or misplaced. They’ll help you get a Provisional Replacement Certificate (PRC) which you can use to access the same medical services you would with a real card. Almost all countries will allow you to use this temporary certificate as you wait for a new card to be processed.
  • All European health insurance cards expire after 5 years, and one is thus advised to always renew theirs well on time. Usually, one is advised to start replacing theirs 6 months before the expiry date. This helps reduce any likelihoods of last minute rush. Here in the UK, some agencies will even allow you to renew your E111 on phone especially if none of your personal details has changed. This process is fast, saves time, and is convenient for pensioners or elderly that aren’t too mobile to hop from one place to the other.
  • If you are traveling with your family, every member who is above 16 years will be required to have their own EHIC health insuarance card. Again, a travel agent is better placed to help process and track all the family cards in one go for a smooth travel.

How Can A Healthy Diet Help For A Better Smile?

The human body is made up of complex organs. The type of food you choose to consume and how regularly you consume it can affect the general health and consequently your oral health and as well as your gums.

  • Consumption of sugary foods, sweetened fruit drinks or even non nutritious snacks, can put you in a serious risk for tooth decay.
  • Tooth decay is commonly brought by a plaque coming into a contact with sugar in the mouth thereby causing acid to damage the teeth
  • It is therefore important to avoid all kinds of foods with excessive sugar. In order to be able to control the sugar intake, you need to keenly read and check all nutrition facts and intergradient labels listed on food and beverages packets.
  • This helps you to choose one with the lowest amounts of sugar.
  • Foods and beverages that have highest amounts of sugar include soft drinks, candy, cookies and pastries.
  • A dietician will provide you with best suited foods that cannot cause teeth damage. Consequently, if your diet lacks certain nutrients, it is so easy to get the mouth tissues affected, thereby encouraging infections.
  • In fact, many gum related diseases are caused by poor nutrition!


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In general, in order to have a healthy oral life, you should consider the factors listed below:

  • You should chew sugar free gum after eating or drinking sugary foods. This helps In protecting your teeth and gums between meals
  • After meals, you should wait at least one hour before brushing your teeth. This ensures that the enamel will have softened hence being able to brush out the tiny particles in between the teeth
  • Take excessive diet that is rich in vitamins, minerals and fresh fruit and vegetables. This reduces chances of gum diseases and for the adult braces.
  • Ensure you finish your meals with a cube of cheese; this is a great way to reduce the effect of acids found in some foods from damaging your teeth.

5 Ways To Get A Fabulous Smile Makeover

Perfect teeth not only contribute to our well-being but are a great self confidence booster. Self-confidence is a natural feeling that comes about when you know you are worth being noticed, you feel good about yourself and you can express yourself freely among friends in the public.

Teeth that portray poor dental health, like brown or stained teeth, protruding teeth, chipped tooth or missing tooth can greatly affect your self-esteem. While some of these conditions may sometimes be out of our control, the good news is that we don’t have to condemn ourselves to a life of misery just because we have poor dental arrangement. Things can be done to get a fabulous smile makeover thanks to technology such as invisible braces london and achieve that perfect look you have always wanted;

  1. If you have protruding teeth, braces are the best way of straightening teeth. Some braces can be removed while others should stay for a certain period of time before being removed.
  2. Teeth whitening. You can remove stained and tainted teeth by going for teeth whitening.
  3. These are used for teeth alignment for protruding teeth. A clear thin layer of plastic and put next to the true teeth.
  4. Root canal treatment. In case of damaged canal, a root canal treatment is perfect for such a case. It is not as painful as commonly thought since anesthesia is administered to the affected tooth before the drill is applied.
  5. Dental implant. In extreme cases where the tooth is obviously decayed beyond compare, or broken, a dental implant is often the solution. Instead of staying with a missing tooth or a badly broken one, a dental implant ensures you have the look and feel of natural teeth.

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Business plan of a beauty salon

Every successful business venture needs a plan which needs to be implemented for its successful running. The plan is the layout or framework around which the operations need to be carried out. It is the base of a successful business. Check good hair salon for hairdressing near your location so you can study their business plan and can get chance to interact with the owners.


Factors determining business plan

There are various factors determining the business plan like nature of the customers, the location of the salon, demands of the people, demand pattern of the customer, funds available with the investor.

Importance of a business plan

The business plan helps in carrying out the operations smoothly without any hindrance and problem. The functioning of the salon becomes easy if it is planned properly. It helps in guessing or forecasting about the profits to be incurred by the salon in that particular year.

Estimation of profit or loss

While the research is carried out the estimation of profits and losses can be made in that particular year by the salon. It helps in forecasting the future debt of the salon.

These are the various factors affecting the operation of the beauty salon in a particular year. These things have to be kept in mind before starting any business venture by any person. Also check manor house clearance.